Anna Linzi - Amway

Anna I work in the health field as a Physical Therapist. I enjoy helping others and find this field very rewarding. The problem is the full-time work and loss of control of my time. I wanted to be there for my kids and travel more.

With help of the mentorship program, I have discovered so much about myself. I’m an educator, a natural foodie, an environmentalist and an enthusiastic student of knowledge. These characteristic fit seamlessly with the values of the Amway business.

I’m a walking-talking testimony of their products from the vitamins on the inside, to the skincare, to the laundry products that clean my clothes!! You’ll never catch me without my LOC multipurpose wipes to wash my hands and clean spills on my clothes.

Matt Menapace - Amway

Matt I have my own handyman services.I enjoy the Amway community, and the business integration.

I  am also a fan of the products. I love the energy I get from the vitamins. I also use products in my business, as an example: for power washing buildings I use the multi purpose cleaner. And in my gardens I use the agriculture products, they make our plants grow faster and more plentiful.