Best Vitamins Ever!

Double-X vitamin & mineral supplements:
These were the first vitamins I ever took on a regular basis. After taking them fairly consistently for about two months, I forgot to take them for 3 days in a row. On the third day I started feeling very tired and I had a strange butterfly-like feeling in my stomach. I just couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then I realized that I hadn’t taken the vitamins for a few days. The next morning, and most days after, I took the vitamins and noticed that I didn’t have the fatigue or other weird feelings in my body that I had on the days I forgot to take them. I once again felt energized! That convinced me how much I needed to keep taking them.

Saved me!

Was at a business networking event, had whole cup of coffee spilled on a cream sweater – Anna rushed over with the wipes…No stain, no evidence of spill, I love these wipes – Nancy

The Best Laundry Products!
 SA8 laundry products: Two remarkable facts about these products are
1: You can leave the wash in the washing machine for three days and it doesn’t smell! This has been frequently tested by multiple members of my family.
2: they can be used in your carpet shampooer to get stains and smells out of the rugs. We have even removed embedded wet dog with dirty feet smell from a carpet! Don’t ask….this testimonial is the only good thing that came from that nightmare.
Garden Green!